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Hotel Norge in Bergen and Scandic Hotel Marski in Helsinki Added to Scandic’s Signature Hotels Collection

Just in time for the opening of Scandic Hotels’ first signature hotel in Stockholm on May 10, the company has announced that two more hotels will be profiled to be part of its collection of signature hotels. This includes the prestigious and historic Hotel Norge in Bergen and the characteristic and centrally located Scandic Marski in Helsinki.

As previously announced, Scandic intends to expand its collection of signature hotels with a handful of hotels in the Nordic region in the coming years, both through rebranding existing hotels and new establishments. The signature hotels, which will be marketed under their own names with the extension ‘by Scandic,’ will be characterized by their unique history and personality. At the same time, they will be developed as clear social venues that aim to be natural meeting points for locals and visiting guests alike. Through these individualized hotels, Scandic will satisfy the demands of travelers looking for unique hotel experiences.

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